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Announcing the Netlog Developer Pages

At work, we've setup the Netlog Developer Pages

It is the place where you can/will find all information around our OpenSocial implementation, our own API, skin development, sample code and so on.
We've also launched a group where you can communicate with fellow developers and Netlog employees.
The page also features a blog where you can follow what is going on in the Netlog Tech team.

PS: We've also updated our jobs page


Wow, seems to be quite a large/popular application that you need 1500 servers ;-) Is it a cake app?

Hehe, no ;-)

We've built our own framework. It has some special features to make good use of advanced mysql replication setups, memcached pools etc.

If you're interested, our Head of Development will give a presentation at Kings of Code, where Nate will also speak.

Any news when OpenSocial apps directory will be activated?

I don't know.
You can ask through





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