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Can we build a simple, cross-distribution installation framework?

Today at Fosdem 2011 I did my talk Can we build a simple, cross-distribution installation framework? Basically, using the Arch Installation Framework as a starting point, along with the notion that most of the code is actually not Arch-specific I adressed other distros to check if there was any interest in sharing workload on the distribution-agnostic aspects of the framework. If other distros with a similar philosophy of little-abstractions/KISS would join, we would all reap the benefits of a simple, yet quite featureful installer. There was some interest, so we'll see what happens.


It was a very interesting talk. I could not hear some of the questions but I enjoyed a lot the video.
+1 for bash from a #bash idler on freenode. I'll be looking into AIF some time.
thanks guys.
@mar77i hope you like it! :)





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