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Froscon 2009 afterthoughts

Froscon was great.

  • It was smaller then I thought, I especially assumed more activity in the devrooms (I'm too used to fosdem which is much bigger), but hey nice conference anyway.
  • It was great to meet (some of) my Arch Linux colleagues. Mostly the guys from Germany showed up, and Roman who is from Ukraine.
  • We all got an Arch t-shirt/polo of which we could pick the color ourselves. Woohoo. Thanks donators.
  • A few people also told me they had tried / were using uzbl (my browser project) so that was really cool.
  • I had an interesting chat with Thomas Lange, the author of FAI (a tool to automatically mass-install systems, mostly Debian). I've used it in the past, liked it and was somewhat inspired by it when building AIF. (but some design goals are different).

Here is a picture of my "Arch releng partner" Gerhard (right) and I (left). We've done a lot of work together and it was great to talk face to face for once. Here we're showing (proudly) an Arch Linux Froscon disc (which is a slightly modified version of the 2009.08 core images):

Team photo:

Image gallery


> A few people also told me they had tried / were using uzbl

http://www.uzbl/ <- that doesn't look right ...

Can you tell me what game are they playing, in 2009-08-23_17-00-08.jpg?


I'm guessing it's supertuxkart. Its homepage is at and its package is hosted on the community arch repo.

Thanks Karol. fixed that.
And yeah that was supertuxkart. We also played some frozenbubble in multiplayer :)


the FAI project now has its own domain name. It's

Here's the announcement

Thanks Thomas,
nice to see FAI is still going strong :)





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