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I'm not going to Fosdem 2008

I wish I could put this on my webpage :

I’m going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting

Fosdem looks interesting again : talks about iogrind , scons , cakephp , virtualbox , openAFS , ...
No Gentoo devroom this year but drupal , debian , embedded , X , gnome rooms would have interested me too ( mostly gtk/glib for the latter )

Oh and about the reason I'm not going? The company is taking us to Val di Sole where we will ski, snowboard and apres-ski for 4 days ! w00t ! This kicks even more ass then Fosdem :P

PS : I'm considering going to LAC 2008


I wont see you there then ? :(

Indeed, it would have been really cool to meet some CakePHP people...

But I'm sure that gwoo ( and the others ) will like fosdem so much that they'll come back next year :p ( a cake devroom would be nice :p )





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