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Windows sucks

I had to fix a problem at my dad's company...
"The network was broken."

It was a NetBEUI network connecting some windows stations - it has been running for years - and now suddenly the nodes couldn't find eachother.
One of the boxes (windows 2000 iirc) had 2 network cards, one for the network, the other not used for anything (not even connected). Disabling the latter - not even touching the former - fixed half of the network.

There was another box that couldn't find any other node in the network. This happened to be a box of which the ps/2 mouse broke. It had a usb mouse connected but since it was windows 95 it was not supported. I removed the usb mouse and attached another ps/2 mouse. This fixed not only the mouse but also the box could suddenly find the other boxes again....

Windows really does suck.

And the worst part is: even though all is fine now, I have no clue for how long it will work, and what will be the cause the next time it will be broken?


To be fair, you're talking about 8 to 13 year old versions of Windows

Removing a usb mouse fixed the problem?


It's true that those are old version of windows, but the company chooses to use them.





What is the first name of the guy blogging here?

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