Hello! I am Dieter Plaetinck.
(yes, that's the correct spelling. I know. It's a Belgian name. Good luck pronouncing it :-)

I do backend/systems engineering with a focus on performance, structured data analytics and monitoring.
I started at Netlog, a large social network in Europe, which was a tremendous learning experience. But we lost the battle against Facebook.
Worked at Vimeo for a while which was fun. (upload and transcoding systems, analytics and monitoring). I miss the weekly staff picks screenings.

After spending a few fun years living in New York City, it was time for something else.
I joined Grafana Labs as first engineering hire to work on Grafana's backend and later lead the development of our open source timeseries platform (metrictank), though nowadays GrafanaCloud is much broader and includes several projects. Grafana is a fantastic company that has opened new doors for me. transparant, work-from-anywhere, open source, great people and in particular mature leadership that is growing our open source company in a sustainable way.

Some people still know me from the Uzbl minimalist web browser, my work on the Arch Linux installer and releases, the stop abusing SI prefixes website or the metrics 2.0 project.

Other hobbies: mountain biking and playing drums (though I haven't played in years).

You can email me on first-name at last-name dot be.

Here are some links you might find interesting.